by Kids Basix
"Love the 5oz Safe Starter"
by Poopiebear
I just received my Safe Starter bottles this week and I love them. It has been trying to get the little guy suckling on a bottle, but he's starting to get used to it. It helps that the Safe Starter is the perfect size to hold for both myself & baby. The little hole at the base of the silicone cover allows me to place my finger in it to steady the bottle when baby doesn't exactly want to take the bottle. The cover is also soft and slip-proof. The nipple is also wide, which simulates the width of the breast, which helps baby latch better. In a word, this bottle is "comfortable" to use. The reasons why I'm giving it 4-stars is that the nipple does leak/drip and it would help if the volume markers were on the inside of the bottle so the fluid can be accurately measured. I think the nipple size is also proprietary and it seems difficult to find replacements, so it would be better if more readily available nipples on the market would fit this bottle.

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