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It all started with a great all natural birth experience with the birth of my third son. I had a wonderful midwife and doula help during the delivery. The experience was to great I wanted to share with other moms my experience in getting ready for natural birth and began writing some articles and putting it up on naturalmomresource.com (which eventually became this site) along with product recommendations.

Some of our first products were natural items that were nearly impossible to find in the US: glass bottles (which hadn't made a comeback yet before the BPA scare), and all cotton, chemical-free, disposable diapers (for when cloth diapering was too much work, but super-absorbents on your baby's bottom was out of the question.)

When meeting a friend for a playdate at the zoo, she had an Ergo baby carrier. It was the original model and the first soft structured back carrier I had seen. Naturally when my baby was 5 months and getting heavy for front wearing and our aluminum framed backpack carriers were out of the question for home use, it was time to invest in the Ergo, our 5th carrier after trying the two baby bjorns,

From there our business organically grew. Folks at the park, in the line at the grocery store and in the neighborhood would stop and ask about the Ergo I was wearing and there, on the spot, I would give a demo or explain how it worked. It made sense to start selling the Ergo baby carrier as we were practically selling it everywhere we went.

From there our collection of baby carriers and products carried grew as we researched other products we wanted for ourselves and companies that we felt good buying from such as fair trade products that support women co-ops in economically depressed countries, stainless steel food and drink containers that make plastic sandwich baggies obsolete, wooden toys that encourage the imagination, natural body products to let your skin absorb healthy nutrients.

In August 2010, we moved into a brick and mortar store, with regular open hours for the public.

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Please see our contact page for directions and hours.
Feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we're doing, need baby carrier fitting directions and more. We offer free babywearing consultations and tips to help you find the best baby carrier for you and your baby. We'd especially love to hear from you if you've ideas or tips on other products you'd like to see in our store.

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